strong-fitness-about-headshot-darkI’m Reagan, mom of two girls, wife, business owner, and endless multi-tasker. I am also someone that has struggled with my weight, especially after two pregnancies. I’m not going to lie, I gained way more than the recommended weight with both of my pregnancies. I gave into my cravings of junk food and wasn’t very active.

First pregnancy, I gained almost 50lbs and when I got pregnant again, I was still carrying 10lbs that I didn’t lose from the first. I was over 200lbs when I delivered Sadie and I had a very hard time losing the weight. I became depressed over my weight and instead of doing something about it, I soaked my sorrow in food and alcohol. I couldn’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes so I had to go out and buy some new clothes to wear. I knew if I didn’t snap out of it and do something about my health, I was heading down the road of obesity and most likely health complications.

strong-fitness-about-before-and-afterThe breaking point was when I was getting a physical and had to get on the scale, oh that dreaded scale that I avoided for so long. Yep it was what I thought, I was at the heaviest I have ever been without being pregnant. I broke down crying in my car and right then and there I decided I was making a change. I worked really, really hard with not only with exercise, but also making better choices with what I ate and I stopped drinking alcohol for some time. It took me over 2 years to lose 35lbs and I am glad it took me that long because I was able to focus on developing long term healthy habits.

Was it easy? Heck no! There were and still are times of doubt when I wasn’t seeing fast enough results and I wanted to give up, but you know what, I didn’t. I stayed determined to meet my goals and I also wanted to set a good example for my daughters.

During this time, I fell in love with fitness and was fortunate enough to be hired as a Fitness Instructor at the YMCA in 2012 teaching Bootcamp, HIIT and Insanity classes. In January 2014, I founded Reagan Michelle Fitness to offer group circuit training and 1:1 customized training and nutrition education.

Recently, I have had this feeling in my gut that I should change the direction of my business. I have always been passionate about empowering women of all fitness levels, as well as mentoring kids on exercise. It has been many months of brainstorming on a name and brand that encompassed this new direction. I kept thinking that I needed a unique name, when one day I was reading a fitness magazine about STRONG! women. I said right there, yes that’s it!

about-page-girls-picSTRONG! is something I have been teaching my girls and hopefully I am inspiring them to grow up to be STRONG!, independent ladies. It is also the tattoo design that I had done when I turned 40, with the celtic hammer that conveys strength and two butterflies to represent my two daughters. It was a perfect fit for what I want to do and also what I truly believe in. My STRONG! goals are to inspire and help all different women on their fitness journeys and to educate and motivate kids on the importance of being active and healthy. I couldn’t be more excited about this new venture!