Meal Plans to Fuel Your Strength & Health

Did you know that 80% of your success is determined by what you eat? No amount of exercise will counteract a bad diet. For optimal success, you need to combine smart nutrition and regular exercise.

Whether your goal is to lose fat and inches, build muscle or combine both, the STRONG! health workshop will put you in prime position for success. During each one-hour monthly session, I will detail what you should be eating, tell you how to shop at the grocery store, and explain all of those confusing fitness and nutrition terms, like macros and complex carbs. This workshop is jam-packed with all the nutrition knowledge you need for STRONG! health.

Nutrition Workshop:

Interested in hosting a STRONG! workshop with a group or a private workshop for your whole family. I will come to your home for a more personal workshop experience; which includes calculations of calories based of each person’s goal, sample meal plan that can be customized to each person, in and outs of different foods, how to read food labels, what are macros and what is the difference between macro plans. Each person will also receive my STRONG! grocery list and recipe booklet.

Cost: $150 private family workshop or $20 a person for a group workshop (minimum of 8 people).

Personal Shopper:

We will set a date where I come with you grocery shopping to show you how to read food labels, help you select the best options based on your meal/plan recipes for the week, answer any questions you have while we are shopping and after when you are prepping your healthy meals for your family.

Cost $75 per grocery visit

Meal Plan Coaching:

Let me help you meal prep for your week. Meal prepping is statistically proven to be the most beneficial way to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. It takes approx 2-3 hours per week to prep recipes, meals and package them for your entire week. No having to think about what you are making for dinner that night, because you are already prepped and ready to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will also show you tricks to save time, best snacks that you can prep into individual servings, how to measure your portions, etc.

Cost: $100 (2 hour visit) or $150 (3 hour visit)