strong! story

STRONG! fitness LLC is a women-only fitness studio encompassing signature group fitness formats and customized private training, as well as a female community grounded in our unique social tribe as we like to call it. In everything we do, we are devoted to the power of “US”: strong women who inspire and connect with each other. STRONG! fitness’ mission is to empower women in all aspects of their lives, in physical fitness, wellness and beyond. Right from the beginning, STRONG! fitness was branded as women-only, as Reagan’s vision was to create a unique society of like-minded women through the passion of health and fitness.This STRONG! Community was initially small with a few ladies doing classes at the park and Tiger’s Lair Martial Arts studio. STRONG! went from 1 class on Saturdays to early morning sessions, then slowly continued to grow to where it is today, a powerful group of supportive, positive, beautiful women all with a heart of gold.

my story

Owner and fitness trainer, Reagan Zugelter always had a love for fitness through sports and training. After her 2nd daughter was born, she became out of shape, couldn’t lose the baby weight she gained and was tired all the time. She had her annual physical after youngest daughter was a year old and that is when she knew is she didn’t make a change, she was heading toward a life of medical problems from being overweight and inactive. She started Weight Watchers and group fitness classes. 

Two years later, she auditioned for a group fitness instructor position that opened up at the YMCA. She was offered the position and taught Bootcamp, HIIT, spinning and other various formats of classes. 

After 2 years of teaching, she decided to open up her own business formally, Reagan Michelle Fitness. When she decided to change the direction of her business to women-only, she rebranding to STRONG! fitness in May 2016. Reagan opened her first studio in March 2018 and hasn’t looked back.

Now offering now only classes for women, she works with teen athletes and kids. Reagan’s favorite quote and what she lives by in her life “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”