Functional Fitness for Real Life STRONG! classes use exercises that simulate common movements you might perform at home, at work or in sports. The workouts will train your upper and lower-body muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks, while also focusing on stabilizing and strengthening the core. STRONG!circuits and boxing utilizes a range of equipment, such as kettlebells, ropes, TRX, tires, boxing bags and bands for maximum calorie burn while helping you get stronger. Everyone’s lives are busier than ever, juggling kids, careers and household needs. To make the most of your time, STRONG! sessions are just 45-50 minutes, but every last second is focused on gaining endurance, strength and energy. Women of all fitness levels are welcome, as I offer various options from high to low impact for exercises. Not sure if you’re ready? I encourage you to come for a free trial class. My passion is helping any and every woman be STRONG!

STRONG! Circuit
45-50 minute of a variety of circuits utilizing strength, cardio, core moves with equipment such as ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, tires, resistance bands and more. No workout is ever the same. This is a high impact workout with alternative lower impact exercises to fit all fitness levels.

45-50 minute high intensity low impact combination of punches & kicks with bags & pads mixed with strength & cardio intervals for a maximum full body fun stress relief workout. A great stress reliever and maximum calorie burn. What could you not like about getting to punch and kick things during this workout.

STRONG! Sculpt

This class focuses on strength training and core work. Workouts are low in impact yet challenging for all levels. STRONG! SCULPT is great for ladies that already do their own cardio who are looking for cross training to help build muscle and endurance to improve their performance. Ladies that want weight lifting without high impact exercise as well as ladies that are beginning their weight lifting and exercise journey.

STRONG! Athletes
This sessions is for young adults ages 13-18 years ago currently playing a sport or on their off season. These sessions will be goal oriented based on each athlete focusing on agility, endurance, strength to improve their skills and sport. As a former college athlete and softball coach, this is a passion of mine to work with athletes to help them be the best they can be whether moving on to high school or college play.

Kids ages 6-12 come experience a fun and interactive age appropriate workout STRONG! style. My goal with STRONG! kids is to inspire kids to incorporate some activity every week when there are so many electronic distractions. We also will take time discuss what it means to be healthy with being active and nutrition through games, puzzles, competitions and more. (beginning later this Spring)

May Special try your first month of Unlimited Classes for $40! Unlimited plan (best value): $85 a month (come as many times as you want every month) 5 pack of sessions: $60 Single drop-in session: $15.

STRONG! Athletes sessions are $10 for session. Also ask about our private 1:1 training or team training prices.

STRONG! Kids Summer series is $50 for every 4 week session which includes two classes per week. Summer Series begins June 11th.